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Konkani Vishwakosh Digitization Project
A Goa University Initiative
In collaboration with
Centre for Internet and Society's Access to Knowledge Programme
Konkani Vishwakosh
Konkani Vishwakosh is a
four-volume encyclopedia
published by Goa University.
It encompasses all the world
information in a nutshell
with special emphasis and
detailed information on
Goa, Konkani, Goan culture,
folklore, history, geography
Goa University
has generously approved
the re-release of Konkani
Vishwakosh under Creative
Commons License (CC-BY-SA
3.0) to make it freely
available to public and thus
preserve Konkani language
and culture in the digital
Digitization Project
Goa University in collaboration with the Centre for
Internet & Society’s   Access to Knowledge Programme
(CIS-A2K) is digitizing Konkani Vishwakosh. This is a 2
month project where we will work with group of
individuals who will help digitize the encyclopedia in a
time bound manner.
We’re   calling   out   for   students,   professors,   faculty,  
professionals or anyone who is interested to preserve
Konkani language and culture!
Enroll Today!
Please fill the Application Form latest by 25th
September 2013.
Pictures: Subhashish Panigrahi CC-BY-SA 3.0
Help preserve Konkani language
Help preserve Konkani culture
Enroll in the program today and make a difference!
What will you gain out of it?
 Learn typing skills: CIS-A2K will organize typing workshops for those who are not
comfortable typing in Devanagari. This will be a two-day workshop organized in
Panjim, Goa. Brilliant opportunity for you to learn a new skill!
 Learn about Konkani Wikipedia: The program will also introduce you to Konkani
Wikipedia, how does it work, who edits it, how can you edit etc.
 Improve your writing, critical thinking, and research skills: Yes, there is so much
that you can learn in our workshop. These skills will help you in personal and
professional development.
 Help preserve your language and culture: Out of 780 spoken Indian languages,
250 died out in last 50 years. Take the first step to save your language.
 Go global: Showcase your work, Konkani language and culture on a global
platform.  That’s  the  power  of  digital  era!  
 Earn while you learn: 30 final selected candidates will be remunerated for their
Selected 30 candidates will be assigned 100 pages each of Konkani Vishwakosh that needs to
be digitized over a span of 2 months (Oct & Nov 2013). Typing 50 pages a month is surely a
Pictures: Paladiin CC-BY-SA 2.0
Contact Us
If you have any further questions please
Mail us at: [email protected]
Twitter: @CISA2K
Visit us at: bitly.com/cis-a2k