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download visa4uk application form pdf

Top tips for customers using the Visa4UK application website:

All UK visa application forms must be completed online at www.Visa4UK.fco.gov.uk
Have all your personal information and documents to hand before you start. e.g.
passport, previous passports, travel history, details of where you will stay etc.
Have your credit card ready to make your payment. You can make your application
and pay later, but if you wish to complete the process in one step, have your card
details available.
If the visa4UK site is loading slowly or incorrectly, try a different browser. Our system
works best with: Internet Explorer 10, 9 and 8; Chrome 30 and 29; and Firefox 25. If
you are not using one of the tested Web Browsers you may encounter errors when
creating your account and applications.
Only complete the online application form in ENGLISH.
Only book a Tier 4 student appointment if you are making a Tier 4 student
If you continue to experience technical problems, you can contact technical support
at: [email protected]
Don’t forget residents of Indonesia will need a tuberculosis test certificate if you are
applying for a long-term visa to the UK, including a Tier 4 student visa.

You will need to have a tuberculosis (TB) test if you are coming to the UK for more
than 6 months, including those applying for a Tier 4 Student Visa. You must include
this TB certificate with your UK visa application.
You should take the TB test well in advance of submitting your visa application. Once
issued, TB certificates are valid for 6 months. TB test clinics in Thailand are listed on
our website.
Read more: https://www.gov.uk/tb-test-visa.
Keep the stress out of your travel arrangements: Apply for your UK visa early

It’s a busy time of year as many travellers and students make preparations to head to
the UK. So, if you are travelling to the UK in the coming weeks and months, make
sure you apply for your UK visa as early as possible. Customers can apply up to 3
months in advance of their travel date. UK Visas and Immigration aim to provide an
appointment at your local visa application centre within 5 working days and to
process non-settlement visas within 15 working days.
We can’t answer questions about visas on social media but go to www.gov.uk/visasimmigration for further guidance and contact details.
Top Tips for UK Tier 4 student visa applicants in Indonesia

Apply as early as you can. You can apply up to 3 months in advance.
You will need a certificate of acceptance for studies (CAS) from your chosen place of
study before you make an application.

You should read the guidance on Tier 4 student visas at www.gov.uk/tier-4-generalvisa
You should know what additional supporting documents you will require for your
application and allow plenty of time to get these together.
You will need a TB certificate from an approved TB test clinic.
You will need to provide bank statements and education certificates.
Your bank statements should show that you have had the required maintenance
funds in your bank account for at least 28 days prior to paying your student visa fee
Some applicants might also need a Secure English Language Test certificate and/or
an ATAS certificate.
You should complete your Tier 4 student visa application form, pay your visa fee and
book an appointment at your visa application centre online at
You should only complete your application form in ENGLISH.
When making an appointment you must choose a Tier 4 student appointment.
Take a printed copy of your application form, your passport, a passport photo and
any supporting documents that you require to your visa application centre
You must provide a certified translation of any supporting documents that are not in
As you will have completed your application online, Appendix 8 is not required.
You should expect your visa to be processed within 15 working days. If you need it
quicker, you can choose our 3-5 day priority visa service.
We can’t answer questions about student visas on facebook but go to www.gov.uk/visasimmigration for further guidance and contact details.
How long does it take to get a UK Visa? UK Visas and Immigration aims to process
90% of non-settlement visas within 15 working days from submission at a visa
application centre.
If you are heading to the UK and you need a visa, make sure you allow enough time for your
UK visa application to be processed. You need to allow at least 15 working days from
when you lodge your documents at the visa application centre. Whilst we always try to
process visas more quickly, this is not always possible, especially during our June to
September peak season. If you do need your visa more quickly, check whether you can
apply using our priority visa service.
UK visas – If you need your UK visa in a hurry check out our priority visa service.
Eligible customers will have their visa decision returned within 5 working days. See more
details and eligibility on the UK visa application centre website.