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Getting Started
With ViciDial
Presented by
Matt Florell
President - ViciDial Group
Astricon 2010 * Washington DC, USA
October 28, 2010
What is ViciDial?

Open Source Call Center Suite

Inbound, Outbound and Blended Call Handling

Runs on top of Asterisk Open Source PBX

Web-based user interfaces

Available in multiple languages

Agent interface is in 14 languages

Administrative interface is in 7 languages
Why Was ViciDial Created?
Two Reasons:
- Because Asterisk was available
- Lack of millions of dollars to buy
commercial outbound dialing solution
for a 200 seat call center
ViciDial History: 2003

Working with Dialogic and Bayonne was an
exercise in frustration
Bought single T1 card from Digium and had
working Asterisk system in 2 hours
Asterisk was easy to use and had powerful
programming options: AMI and AGI
AstGUIclient GPL project was born on
SourceForge.net as perl-only applications
ViciDial was a Perl/TK, click-to-dial user app
ViciDial History: 2004

astVICIDIAL became focus of astGUIclient
Auto-dialing added
Inbound call handling used separate web-based

Ability to send calls to other agent groups

Astricon 2004 in Atlanta
ViciDial Screen-Shot: 2004
ViciDial History: 2005

First AJAX web-based agent released

Blended inbound/outbound Call Handling added

Agent script tab added

HotKeys for quick dispositioning added

Multi-server load balancing added

First alternate language(Spanish) agent
translation released
ViciDial Screen-Shot: 2005
ViciDial History: 2006

Won SourceForge.net project of the year for
VOIP applications 2006

Scheduled Callbacks added

Alternate Phone number dialing added

Predictive dialing Algorithm added

Moved to SVN(subversion) for code control and
ViciDial Screen-Shot: 2006
ViciDial History: 2007

Skills-based call routing added

QueueMetrics logging added

List Mix and more lead ordering options added

First official ViciDial Training classes

The ViciDial Group company is founded to
provide ViciDial support
ViciDial Hosted service launched