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International Journal of Scientific and Research Publications, Volume 5, Issue 10, October 2015
ISSN 2250-3153
A 12 Week Yoga Exercise (A Part of Foot Reflexology and
Acupressure 14 Points Exercise), Treatment Improves
Biomagnetism, Sleep Quality, Reduces Hypertension
among Women (45-60 Age) with Insomnia Associated
Hypertension Problem; A Pilot Study
C. Vijayalakshmi1, M. Jothilakshmi2, V.Devarajan3
Research Scholar, Bharathiar, University, Coimbatore, Tamilnadu, South India
Assistant Professor, Department of Tamil, Bishopheber College, Trichy, Tamilnadu, South India
Professor in Yoga, Bhavani, Tamilnadu, South India
Abstract- Back ground: To evaluate the effects of Biomagnetism
through yoga exercise among women patients with hypertension
induced insomnia and its significant improvement in sleep
quality and reduced hypertension. This novel concept was put
forth by Swami Vethathiri Maharishi in south India. Method: A
sample of 20 female patients comprised experimental group
participated in 12 weeks yoga exercise. A sample of 20 female
patients constituted control group underwent no exercise. The
patients filled out a broad spectrum of questionnaire on the
concept of yoga exercise and Biomagnetism before start of the
exercise. The patients were subjected to physiological, Biomagnetism and biochemical variables to assess the quality of life
style, pre and post test. The hypertension and sleep quality were
monitored pre and post test. Results: A significant (p<0.05)
effect of yoga exercise was observed in improved sleep quality
and reduced hypertension of experimental group subjects.
However no significant effect of sleep quality was found for
control group. Conclusion: This research study revealed that
twelve weeks of training given to experimental group subjects
under the strict supervision of yoga trained lady teacher assisted
by the research scholar that yoga exercise s had demonstrated a
marvelous change in the value of physiological, biochemical and
biomagnetism variables enabled the subjects to an improved
sleep quality and reduced hypertension.
Index Terms- Hypertension, Insomnia, Bio-magnetism, Quality
of life, Broad spectrum
hypertension induced insomnia problem can be brought under
control by a mechanism of increased bio-magnetism existing in
every human being. This concept of bio-magnetism is a new
phenomenon explained very clearly by swami Vethathiri
maharishi. According to him, the bio-magnetism is a
fundamental vital force which determines the Physical health of
the human being, depletion of which below a critical level will
result in the development of various kinds of diseases including
hypertension and insomnia problem .The bio-magnetism thus
depleted below a certain minimum critical level can be enhanced
to above the minimum critical level by strictly regulating the
quantity and quality of food, work, sleep, sexual gratification and
thought force which is otherwise called as five factors limit and
method. In addition to the above, the Biomagnetism can also be
boosted to above minimum critical level by a continuous practice
of Simplified NINE types of Physical Exercises, namely Hand
exercises, Leg exercises, Neuro -muscular breathing exercises,
Eye exercises, Kapalapathi, Makarasana Part 1 & 2,Acupressure14 points exercise, out of these nine exercise the
important in being given to leg exercise particularly foot
reflexology and Acupressure 14 points exercise which come
under the broad spectrum of sky yoga principles, which also
includes Kayakalpa yoga, meditation and introspection methods
as explained in SKY yoga. However our study is confined to foot
reflexology and acupressure 14 points exercise only. [2]
LEG EXERCISE (Foot Reflexology)
he main purpose of the study is to find an alternate pathway
for hypertensive patients with insomnia problem found in
women (45- 60) by enhancing their bio-magnetism by
application of yoga exercise, envisaged by Swami Vethathiri
Maharishi, a south Indian born, saint and savant (1911-2006) by
his untiring and unintermittent 40 years of strenuous effort [1],
passed on to mankind as a gift to get rid of diseases. Nowadays
in modern society, sleep disorders are enormously increasing
everyday around the world .This problem can be gradually
rectified by strictly following the yoga activities. The
International Journal of Scientific and Research Publications, Volume 5, Issue 10, October 2015
ISSN 2250-3153
Foot Reflexology is based on the ancient principles that all
the organs and glands in our body are connected to reflex points
on foot [3]. Pressure point techniques are used to focus on these
reflex points, to release blocked Biomagnetism and stimulate the
body’s self-healing abilities, the perfect therapy for general
wellness [4]. The foot represents the body which is divided into
ten reflex zones, like a mirror image of the body. It is believed
that foot reflexology exercise can be effective in helping to
enhance the Biomagnetism to reduce effects and symptoms of
anxiety, lack of sleep, restlessness and being overworked and
helps to have a sound sleep. The science of reflexology is based
on the theory of meridians. Our body has 14 imaginary meridians
that carry Biomagnetism throughout the body. Each meridian
starts with the tips of finger and toes, passes through the brain
and gets connected to the respective organs [5]. When we have a
problem related to any of the organs, it means that the meridian
carrying Biomagnetism to those particular organs has an
obstruction that slows down the normal functioning of the organ.
If the obstruction is removed, the flow of Biomagnetism becomes