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IB 10-442
February 2014
Dental Benefits for Veterans
Dental benefits are provided by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) according to law. In some
instances, VA is authorized to provide extensive dental care, while in other cases treatment may be
limited. This Fact Sheet describes dental eligibility criteria and contains information to assist Veterans
in understanding their eligibility for VA dental care.
Outpatient Dental Program
The eligibility for outpatient dental care is not the same as for most other VA medical benefits and
is categorized into classes. If you are eligible for VA dental care under Class I, IIA, IIC, or IV you are
eligible for any necessary dental care to maintain or restore oral health and masticatory function,
including repeat care. Other classes have time and/or service limitations.
If you:
Have a service-connected
compensable dental disability or
Are a former prisoner of war.
Have service-connected
disabilities rated 100% disabling,
or are unemployable and paid
at the 100% rate due to serviceconnected conditions.
Apply for dental care within
180 days of discharge or release
(under conditions other than
dishonorable) from a period of
active duty of 90 days or more
during the Persian Gulf War era.
IB 10-442
You are eligible for:
Any needed dental care
Class I
Any needed dental care.
Any needed dental care. [Please
note: Veterans paid at the 100% rate
based on a temporary rating, such as
extended hospitalization for a serviceconnected disability, convalescence
or pre-stabilization are not eligible for
comprehensive outpatient dental services
based on this temporary rating].
One-time dental care if your DD214
certificate of discharge does not indicate
that a complete dental examination and
all appropriate dental treatment had been
rendered prior to discharge.*
Class IIC
Class IV
Class II
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If you:
Have a service-connected
noncompensable dental
condition or disability resulting
from combat wounds or service
Have a dental condition
clinically determined by VA to be
associated with and aggravating
a service-connected medical
Are actively engaged in a 38
USC Chapter 31 vocational
rehabilitation program.
Are receiving VA care or are
scheduled for inpatient care
and require dental care for a
condition complicating a medical
condition currently under
Are an enrolled Veteran who may
be homeless and receiving care
under VHA Directive 2007-039.
You are eligible for:
Any dental care necessary to provide
and maintain a functioning dentition. A
Dental Trauma Rating (VA Form
10-564-D) or VA Regional Office Rating
Decision letter (VA Form 10-7131)
identifies the tooth/teeth/condition(s)
that are trauma rated.
Dental care to treat the oral conditions
that are determined by a VA dental
professional to have a direct and material
detrimental effect to your service
connected medical condition.
Dental care to the extent necessary as
determined by a VA dental professional to:
• Make possible your entrance into a
rehabilitation program
• Achieve the goals of your vocational
rehabilitation program
• Prevent interruption of your
rehabilitation program
• Hasten the return to a rehabilitation
program if you are in interrupted or
leave status
• Hasten the return to a rehabilitation
program of a Veteran placed in
discontinued status because of illness,
injury or a dental condition, or