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TOPSwitch-GX Family
Extended Power, Design Flexible,
EcoSmart, Integrated Off-line Switcher
Product Highlights
Lower System Cost, High Design Flexibility
• Extended power range for higher power applications
• No heatsink required up to 34 W using P package
• Features eliminate or reduce cost of external components
• Fully integrated soft-start for minimum stress/overshoot
• Externally programmable accurate current limit
• Wider duty cycle for more power, smaller input capacitor
• Separate line sense and current limit pins on Y/R/F packages
• Line under-voltage (UV) detection: no turn off glitches
• Line overvoltage (OV) shutdown extends line surge limit
• Line feed-forward with maximum duty cycle (DCMAX)
reduction rejects line ripple and limits DCMAX at high line
• Frequency jittering reduces EMI and EMI filtering costs
• Regulates to zero load without dummy loading
• 132 kHz frequency reduces transformer/power supply size
• Half frequency option in Y/R/F packages for video applications
• Hysteretic thermal shutdown for automatic fault recovery
• Large thermal hysteresis prevents PC board overheating
EcoSmart – Energy Efficient
• Extremely low consumption in remote off mode
(80 mW at 110 VAC, 160 mW at 230 VAC)
• Frequency lowered with load for high standby efficiency
• Allows shutdown/wake-up via LAN/input port
TOPSwitch-GX uses the same proven topology as TOPSwitch,
cost effectively integrating the high voltage power MOSFET,
PWM control, fault protection and other control circuitry onto
a single CMOS chip. Many new functions are integrated to
reduce system cost and improve design flexibility, performance
and energy efficiency.
Depending on package type, either 1 or 3 additional pins over
the TOPSwitch standard DRAIN, SOURCE and CONTROL
terminals allow the following functions: line sensing (OV/UV,
line feed-forward/DCMAX reduction), accurate externally set
current limit, remote ON/OFF, synchronization to an external
lower frequency, and frequency selection (132 kHz/66 kHz).
All package types provide the following transparent features:
Soft-start, 132 kHz switching frequency (automatically reduced
at light load), frequency jittering for lower EMI, wider DCMAX,
hysteretic thermal shutdown, and larger creepage packages. In
addition, all critical parameters (i.e. current limit, frequency,
PWM gain) have tighter temperature and absolute tolerances
to simplify design and optimize system cost.
Figure 1. Typical Flyback Application.
230 VAC ±15%4
TOP242 P or G 9 W
TOP242 R
15 W
TOP242 Y or F 10 W
TOP243 P or G 13 W
TOP243 R
29 W
TOP243 Y or F 20 W
TOP244 P or G 16 W
TOP244 R
34 W
TOP244 Y or F 30 W
19 W
TOP245 P
TOP245 R
37 W
TOP245 Y or F 40 W
21 W
TOP246 P
TOP246 R
40 W
TOP246 Y or F 60 W
42 W
TOP247 R
TOP247 Y or F 85 W
43 W
TOP248 R
TOP248 Y or F 105 W
44 W
TOP249 R