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A Course in Manifestation
Learn to be a powerful and precise creator of a wonderful life
“I invite you on an incredible journey that will expand your beliefs and enrich your perception. SyncCreation helps you
experience an abundant life, lived to its fullest. After decades of exploration, I’ve developed SyncCreation to show you
how. SyncCreation uses exciting exercises for grounding, clearing blocks, connecting to spirit, expanding energy, and
focusing intent to manifest astonishing results in healing yourself and others, psychokinesis, and creating abundance.”
- Joe Gallenberger.
SyncCreation uses marvelous Hemi-Sync® audio technology developed by The Monroe Institute to assist you in
quickly attaining enhanced states of consciousness, even if meditation has been challenging in the past. Participants
find these peak states to be highly enjoyable and powerful for achieving psychokinesis, healing, and manifestation
• Amplifies wisdom and intuition
• Melts emotional and belief system limits
• Accelerates the Law of Attraction
• Strengthens healing
• Expands your manifestation skills
● Bend metal and plastic ● Sprout seeds in your hand
● Illuminate light bulbs ● Influence slot machines
SyncCreation teaches Psychokinesis (PK) and uses it as a confidence building tool as you learn how to clear, raise, and
focus energy more powerfully and precisely for healing and manifestation.
Personal Mentoring
A cornerstone of SyncCreation is highly skilled, intuitive, supportive personal telephone mentoring. You receive
three sessions with a mentor personally trained by Dr. Gallenberger to assist you in getting the most from the course.
What Participants say....
“Your course is an integral part of my spiritual growth. It synthesized so many aspects of my understanding that were
hitherto scattered. Your material is presented in such a focused manner that one is not distracted by useless material.
Many thanks for devising such a powerful tool for personal transformation” - B.V.
“SyncCreation is a wonderful course. It is unique. We have used it in our study group over the last four months. The
concepts work and can be applied to your daily life. Our lives have become richer and more abundant. And as an
important bonus, the exercises are fun!” - R..D.
SyncCreation is a graduate course that has summed up all of the great wisdom tools, recipes, and formulas. The
information in the workbook begs me to reflect and journal. The exercises reinforce my participation and drive the
points further and more quickly. Through SyncCreation, my intuitive abilities have skyrocketed. Healing in my physical
body is a daily occurrence. Relationships at work and in my neighborhood have dramatically improved. The applications
are fun and exciting.” K.S.
Fear is expensive, love is priceless - choose wisely!
SyncCreation® nurtures a life of less fear, and more love and abundance.
What Will You Create with SyncCreation?
Manifestion Results
Sixty SyncCreation home study participants were surveyed.
Here are some of the manifestations they shared with us.
Virtually everyone experienced psychokinesis (PK) success.
Virtually everyone experienced communication with non-physical beings; guides; unborn children; and/or loved
ones who have passed.
Virtually everyone reported increased desire for love, life, health and wellbeing.
Twenty people manifested joy in everyday life. + Eighteen people were able to lucid dream.
Five people received answers to important life issues that had prevented forward movement.
One person turned unusable well water into usable well water.
One person received acceptance to a prestigious school.
Health and Wellness
Ten people healed their pets. + Eight people each healed children.
Five people gained self-acceptance. + Three people healed their ADD and no longer required medication.
Three people manifested increased memory for studies. + Two people healed organs, preventing surgery.
Two people received healing of chronic headaches and migraines. + Two peopled healed their acne.
Two people significantly healed their fibromyalgia. + One person healed a grandparent.
One person gained freedom from sleepwalking. + One person received increased vision.
Six people manifested abundant travel. + Five people were given small fortunes.
Four people received multiple checks for thousands of dollars that arrived unexpectedly.
Four people manifested specific breeds of pets. + Three people created the home of their dreams.
Two people created money to buy homes. + Two people manifested hot tubs.
One person created a swimming pool. + One person discovered jewels they did not know they had.
One person created free airline tickets. + One person manifested a free vehicle.
One person experienced books they wanted to read show up in unusual ways, such as on a park bench.
Relationships (Including Family)
Ten people gained friendship. + Eight people received important connections for love.
Five people gained companionship. + Three people received peace regarding difficult divorces.
Two people created engagements. + Two people were reunited with lost family members.
Two people manifested successful adoptions. + Two people created safe homes for their families.
Two people each received freedom from an unhealthy relationship.
Two people created rewarding relationships with life partners.
Fifteen people gained important connections for work. + Ten people experienced contracts working out.
Three people experience the successful launch of new companies.
Three people gained freedom from unhealthy work environments for much better positions.
Three people received awards at work. + Three people created multiple job offers.
Two people obtained careers that cover living expenses plus health insurance.
Two people received substantial promotions.
Two people received an increase in profitable contracts to the point of nearing retirement.
One person manifested a book offer, an advance, and 3 months in a cabin to write.
Get Lucky!
Fifteen people manifested winning at casino craps tables. + One person won online poker tournaments.
Eight people manifested winning at casino slot machines. + Two people won raffles.
CD/Download Meditations
Liquid Luck: A heart based
meditation designed to
increase good fortune.
Gentle words, binaural
beats, and subtle sounds
encourage you to relax
and experience happiness,
gratitude, and love. You
are guided to create in
your mind’s eye a vial
of Liquid Luck that you can drink anytime to have