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Why Do You Need
This New Edition?
Numerous changes have been made
throughout the text to reflect current
trends in social problems.
Statistical material, figures, and
tables have been updated wherever
necessary, and recent research has
been cited throughout.
Social Policy sections incorporate
recent programs and proposals.
Here is a sampling of some of the
new topics discussed in this new edition:

The contemporary housing crisis
New healthcare legislation
A discussion of cumulative results of anti-alcohol
campaigns and rehab programs
A new discussion of Ponzi schemes and expanded
material on corporate crime, especially in connection with lax regulation
A discussion of views on racial equality since
the election of President Obama and a

discussion of the impact of the recession on
black wealth
Expanded discussion of the dying process and
hospice care, and a new section on healthcare
reform and the elderly

New feature on the “boomerangers” and an
expanded discussion of stepfamilies. Also, a new
section on homeless families, an expanded discussion of family violence, and more discussion of nofault divorce, sex education policy, and abstinence

Discussion of the Race to the Top initiative and
more material on charter schools

A new section on recession and illegal immigration, a new section on increased deportations, and
a discussion of Arizona’s illegal-immigration law

New section on the BP Deep Horizon oil spill
disaster and a discussion of the Obama administration’s policy on global warming

A new discussion of the recent major nuclear arms
reduction pact
An all-new MySocLab accompanies this edition.
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Kornblum, William.
Social problems / William Kornblum, Joseph Julian, in collaboration with Carolyn D. Smith. — Fourteenth ed.
p. cm.
Includes bibliographical references and index.