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Sarvajna(16th Century)
Sarvajña (Sanskrit for "all-knowing", Kannada: ???????) was a Kannada poet,
Pragmatist and Philosopher. He is famous for his pithy three-lined poems which
are called tripadis, "with three padas, three-liners", a form of Vachanas. He is
also referred as Sarvagna in modern translation.
Early Life
The period of Sarvajña's life has not been determined accurately, and very little
is known about his personal life. Based on studies of his literary style and the
references of later writers, historians estimate that he may have lived during the
first half of the 16th century. Some references in his works indicate that his real
name was Pushpadatta - Sarvajña appears to have been his pseudonym. His
father was a Shaivaite Brahmin and his mother was a Shudra widow named Mali.
His father met his mother at a place in present day Dharwar district in Karnataka
on his way to Benares on a always upheld the wisdom of pastoral life in rural
areas and tried to persuade villagers to give up superstition, meaningless
customs and traditions.
Sarvagna grew up as a wandering monk creating the Tripadis,the famous
threeliners.In all, about 2000 three-liners are attributed to Sarvajna. Popular
because of their alliterative structure and simplicity, they deal mainly with social,
ethical and religious issues. A number of riddles are also attributed to Sarvajna.
Channappa Uttangi was awarded the Kannada Sahitya Sammelana prize in 1949
for his groundbreaking work on Sarvajna.
Some Examples
Being a monk, he says how he became an "all-knower" in one of his tripadi.
Sarvajna-nembuvanu garvadind-adanvane
Sarvarolagondu nudi-galitu vidyeyaparvatave aad noda Sarvajna
"All-knower has not become All-knower merely out of vanity
he learnt one bit of information from everyone
and became a veritable mountain of knowledge"
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chittavillade guDiya suttidare falavEnu? : ???????????? ????? ????????? ???????
ettu gANavanu hottu tA nityadali : ????? ???? ?????? ????????
sutti baNdaNte sarvajna : ?????? ?????? ???????
Meaning : Circling around the temple without devotion without dedication is as
useless as an ox circling around a mill.
Elu kotiye koti, Elu lakshave laksha ??? ?????? ????, ??? ??????e ????
Elu savirada Eppattu vachanagala ??? ?????? ???????? ?????
Helidanu kela Sarvajna ??????? ??? ???????
" Over all meaning is Saravajna has said 70707070 vachanas (Tripadi)"
Majjige illada oota : ??????? ????? ??
Majjanava kaanada lajjegetta : ?????? ????? ??????????
hennanthe Sarvajna : ???????? ???????
" Dinner without butter milk is like a woman without finesse".
saalavanu koMbaaga haalOgaruM UnDante, - ?????? ?????? ????????????
saaliganu baMdu keLuvaaga - ??????? ???? ??????
kibbadiya keelu muridante sarvgjna - ???????? ???? ???????? ???????
"Sweet as milk and nectar it is to get a loan
..but when the creditor comes after you,
..its painful as a broken ribcage"
"A drunkard is like a pig.
The poor pig, however, is helpful.
The drunk is worse and useless."
"Wearing marks of ash,
if one goes to heaven,
a donkey (that rolls in ash) sure goes."
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Better Befriend A Barking Dog
Better befriend a barking dog
Than be friends with a Tamil,
Crocodile's mouth is safer
Than thorntree shade.
Forcefruit green mango by squeezing;
Profit from peddling your wars by foot;
Pain eyes from crying for the dead
Are all in vain.
A town without fellowship;
A house without children;
A merchant without records;
Walkways to woe.
Donkey is not for riding;
Whore is not for heirs;
Think Before you Jump
Naked into the lake.
A meal without salt;
Wife without breasts;
Chewing the tip of a sugarcane;
Are all insipid.
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