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Technical Data +
Coverage Area:
Product Description
& Benefits
The RetroPlate System began as a way of removing old, worn out coatings.
But owners, facility managers and architects soon realized its potential
for new concrete floors and quickly began to specify it. The results were
durable, beautifully polished floors void of typical coating pitfalls.
By chemically treating concrete surfaces and polishing the bare concrete,
the RetroPlate System creates a highly abrasion resistant, dustproofed,
polished and aesthetically pleasing floor that is very easy to clean and
The RetroPlate System can be used in conjunction with acid staining, shakeon hardeners, integral color and cementitious terrazzo. Colored aggregate,
recycled glass and other decorative material can be embedded into the
concrete surface, later to be exposed during the grinding process.
A desire to help owners, facility managers and architects find a permanent
solution to floor coating problems created the RetroPlate Concrete Polishing
System, a state-of-the-art flooring alternative that is limitless in its design
potential and unmatched in durability and performance.
Little aggregate exposure
Fine (Salt & Pepper)
Fine aggregate exposure
Medium aggregate exposure
Large aggregate exposure
Depends on porosity and state of concrete
Form & Odor:
Clear, colorless liquid; odorless
11.3 - 11.6
RetroPlate 99 is a chemically reactive liquid which enhances concrete
density and hardness, allowing concrete sufaces to be polished to a high,
marble like sheen. In conjunction with diamond tools and machinery, and
the process of grinding and polishing concrete, it is known as the RetroPlate
Concrete Polishing System.
200 ft2/gal (5 m2/L)
Use as packaged
Duration of
Internal Comp:
Non-flammable, water-based, non-toxic
Meets USDA and VOC compliance
Storage Life:
Agitate before use if product is more than 1 year old.
1 gal (3.79 L) Samples
5 gal (19 L) Pails
55 gal (208 L) Drums
ABRASION - ASTM C779 - Up to 400% increase in
abrasion resistance, depending on concrete quality.
HARDNESS - ASTM C805 - 21% increase in impact resistance.
WEATHERING - ASTM G23-81 - No adverse effect to
ultraviolet light or water spray.
LIGHT REFLECTIVITY - 30% increase in reflectivity.
SKIDABILITY STATIC - Coefficient of Friction ASTM 1028 Independent testing has shown that RetroPlate can exceed
OSHA and ADA recommendations for wet and dry hard
Level 1
Flat (Below 100 grit)
None to very slight diffused reflection
Level 2
Satin (100 - 400 grit)
Matte; with or without slight diffused reflection
Level 3
Semi-Polished (800 grit +)
Objects being reflected are not quite sharp and
crisp but can be easily identified
Level 4
Highly-Polished (800 grit +)
Objects being reflected are sharp and crisp as
would be seen in a mirror-like reflection
RetroPlate 99 provides a hardened, durable, and dense concrete
surface when applied after smoothing and honing of the rough,
pitted concrete or removal of soft, carbonated concrete surfaces
prior to Level 1, 2, 3 or 4 finishing. Over time, RetroPlate 99
increases in penetration resistance.
RetroPlate 99 must be applied to structurally sound concrete surfaces.
Soft, carbonated or structurally unsound concrete surfaces must be
removed so that RetroPlate 99 can react with a stable substrate. All
restrictive coatings must be removed to allow RetroPlate 99 to fully
penetrate the concrete surface.
RetroPlate 99 should not be applied when freezing conditions may
RetroPlate - Sales Sheet RV 4-2017
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