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1st Edition
Dr. Jonathan Welton
Praise for Raptureless
In our ministry to women and children in prostitution on
the streets of Brazil, we see people living every day in what
I would describe as hell on earth. Children as young as
eight are sold for sex ten to twenty times a night, women
are locked away as sex slaves, and constant streams of men
look for girls of all ages. We see much tribulation in the
lives of these precious ones on the streets of Brazil. As I
travel, I often hear comments such as this, “Wow, that is
horrible, and the world is only going to get worse before
Jesus comes back.”
The problem with this false eschatology—which has been
so glamorized by products like Left Behind—is that it
creates an excuse within the minds of Christians to just
leave it to Jesus to clean up the mess. However, He already
paid the price to clean up the mess, and He put the broom
in our hands and said, “Go into all the world!” I am so
appreciative of my friend Jonathan Welton for having the
passion and courage to write this book. Although some will
call it controversial, I consider it a breath of fresh air!
Simple biblical truths, a constant in Raptureless, keep
controversy at bay, allowing us to thoroughly discover
what the Bible really says about the endtimes and discern
the current age. Jonathan has been given a gift of
understanding the Scriptures, and he puts in the hours and
hard work to refine and strengthen that gifting. This is very
evident in this book, and I am sure you will be challenged
and blessed as you read Raptureless.
Shores of Grace Ministries
Recife, Brazil
Jonathan Welton is a fresh author and ministry that is
bringing to light historical truth concerning endtime
eschatology in our day. He has taken bold steps to confront
the fear-based theology that has paralyzed the Church
concerning the “end of the age” mentality, and he has
brilliantly composed what I believe to be one of the most
biblically and historically correct perspectives on
eschatology to date.
If we want to fully move into our personal and corporate
destiny, it’s crucial we understand who we are and where
we stand biblically in human history. Raptureless holds the
view that many, if not most, Church Fathers have held—
including John Calvin, Charles Spurgeon, John Wesley,
and Jonathan Edwards. I highly endorse Raptureless by
Jonathan Welton. I believe it will be used as a textbook to
transform generations to come.
Senior Leader, Global Fire Church & Global Connect
Global Fire Ministries International
Kingdom Life Institute & Global Fire School of
Supernatural Ministry
Jonathan Welton is a voice to the rising Church. We need
his teaching gift stirring the body of Christ to action. In
Raptureless, Jonathan has revealed his scholarship and
ability to communicate on subjects pertinent to the issues
facing today’s Church. Read it and be challenged. With this
much evidence, the reader must make a decision!
President, Worldcast Ministries and Publishing
Author, Victorious Eschatology and Who is God?
Jonathan Welton has taken a bold step in confronting one
of the greatest “sacred cows” of our day: endtime theology!
The fear created by the expectation of a coming antichrist
and a great tribulation are keeping many believers in
bondage. Many believe that defeat is the future destiny of
the Church. As Jesus said, human traditions make void the
Word of God. In his easy-to-read presentation, Jonathan
dismantles many of the popular ideas in the Church about
the endtimes.
Word of His Grace Church & the Healing Centre
Empowering Grace Ministries
Kenyon’s Gospel Publishing Society
Jonathan Welton’s new book, Raptureless, is a must read.
While he covers some ground that has been covered by
others before him, he does so in a fresh, crisp, and concise
manner. But he also has new insights on various passages
of Scripture. His arguments are scriptural and lucid, and
they are simply and powerfully presented. In addition,
Jonathan provides fresh historical background for a number
of the historical sources he has quoted, such as Flavius
Josephus. The true significance of these sources establishes
the truths presented in Raptureless.
Chancellor of the Apostles Theological Seminary
Presiding Apostle of the Communion of Apostolic
Senior Pastor of the King’s Church
Jacksonville, Florida
Although I’ve only known Jonathan Welton a short time, I
have a huge value for our growing relationship. Jonathan
communicates with a skill and an insight beyond his years.
His passion for the Word and the truth and his deep
knowledge of history put a rare weight on his teaching.