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Get to Know Paint Shop Pro:
The Magic Wand Tool
What color is the sky in your world? With
Paint Shop Pro’s Magic Wand Tool, it can
be whatever you want. You can easily
change the color in photos with partly
cloudy skies. The Magic Wand Tool lets
you select areas of blue without selecting
clouds in just a few clicks of the mouse.
And it doesn’t just work on skies. The
Magic Wand Tool works great for selecting
all sorts of irregular areas.
Rather than making selections based on the shape or outline of an object, the
Magic Wand matches the pixels in a selection to what you define. You can set it
to recognize and select areas of a photo based on color, hue, brightness, or
opacity. With the Magic Wand and this tutorial, you’ll be able to select irregular
photo areas and change them with ease.
What you’ll need:

The photo landscape.pspimage from the Jasc Learning Center
 Jasc® Paint Shop™ Pro®
When you complete this tutorial
you’ll be able to:

Open a photo in Paint Shop Pro
Select the Magic Wand Tool and set up tool options
Make a selection
Modify a selection by feathering it
Change the hue and saturation of a selection
Get to Know Paint Shop Pro: The Magic Wand Tool
Open the Photo
If Paint Shop Pro 8 isn’t already open on your computer, start it up by choosing
Start > Programs > Jasc Software > Jasc Paint Shop Pro or double click the
Paint Shop Pro 8 Icon on your desktop.
Choose File > Browse. Use the Image Browser to find landscape.pspimage on your computer
and double click the thumbnail to open it.
Select the Magic Wand Tool from the Selection Tool fly-out
menu. In the Tool Options palette set:
 Add (Shift) from the Mode drop-down list
 RGB Value from the Match Mode drop-down list
 Tolerance: 64
 Feather: 0
 Mark the Anti-alias box
 Inside from down-down list
 Unmark the Sample Merged box
Page 1
Get to Know Paint Shop Pro: The Magic Wand Tool
Make a Selection
Click the Magic Wand on a blue pixel in the sky to make the initial selection. The pixel you
clicked determines how much of the sky gets selected, but there should be areas that still
require selecting.
Look at the sky for an area that is not selected and should be, then click again to include that
area to the existing selection.
Page 2
Get to Know Paint Shop Pro: The Magic Wand Tool
Continue to click areas of the sky that need selecting until the selection marquee is surrounding
the whole sky, but not the whitest parts of the clouds.
Modify the Feathering
Choose Selections >
Modify > Feather.
Type 3 in the Number of
pixels field and click OK.
Page 3
Get to Know Paint Shop Pro: The Magic Wand Tool
Change the Hue and Saturation
of Selected Pixels
Choose Adjust > Hue and Saturation > Colorize.
Drag the Hue meter bar until the field reads
154. Drag the Saturation meter bar until the
field reads 98. These settings should make
the sky less vivid and more realistic.
Click OK to apply the colorization.
Page 4
Get to Know Paint Shop Pro: The Magic Wand Tool
10. Choose Selections > Select None to get rid of the
selection marquee.
Next Steps:
Proficiency with the Magic Wand Tool lets you quickly
and easily select areas of photos other selection tools
couldn’t handle. Now you can retouch all kinds of
challenging photos with ease.
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