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download pistol wing t offense playbook pdf

The St. Philip “Toolbox” Wing-t Offensive playbook is far more
offense than we could ever consider running in any given
season. It is what the name implies – a toolbox. It is an
offensive system that we can use to fit to our players talents in
any given year. We’re not going to bring a sledge hammer to
the field when we need an adjustable wrench. We are going
to go into each game with the necessary tools to get the job
St. Philip Catholic Central is a high school of approximately
140 students. With 70 boys in the school, 35 – 40 of them
play on the football team. We average between 8 – 12 boys
per class that participate in Tiger Football. We are blessed
with great young men who work and play hard as they
represent the “Fighting Tigers.” But with limited numbers the
talent pool will vary from season to season. Some years we
may have good size. Some years it may be our speed.
Maybe we will have a great passer for a period and then a
great runner take the snaps for a while. We may even have
the whole package for some time. However, one thing we will
never have is great depth. Our depth will always be shallow.
This is where you can get into trouble with substituting to rest
guys who are gassed or cover positions when the injury bug
bites. These are times that depth can be a serious factor.
Numbers are not the only factor to contend with at St. Philip.
We compete in the Saint Joseph Valley Conference. It is a
conference that many consider to be the toughest small school
conference in the state of Michigan. We have three teams in
our conference that have won multiple state championships.
Our 2005 league champion was also a state champ and two
other teams won district titles. Four teams from the SJV
played in district championship games. Five of our seven
conference foes have more than double our enrollment.
In the words of Tubby Raymond the former HC at the University of Delaware.
“The Wing-t is more than a formation. It is a versatile offense
characterized by a multiple nature. The Wing-t may be
correctly described as a four-back formation and a running
offense. The Wing-t may also be correctly described as a
one-back formation and a spread offense. Strangely enough,
the Wing-t offense’s renown running game is paradoxically
dependant upon the threat and execution of the passing
game. The nature of the principle passing scheme is naturally
one of play-action with the quarterback either keeping the ball
toward or away from the flow of the attack.
Wing-t football can be described as sequence football.
Sequence football is a type of football attack that threatens
several points of the defensive scheme as the ball is snapped.
Sequence football should not be inferred as a plan in which
every play is run in order. Sequence football is an attack in
which defenders are placed in a position of conflict.
A defender is in conflict when he must react in a certain
manner to stop a particular play, and the reaction places him
in a vulnerable position against another play in the series.
Conflicts are created by play – sequencing – the creation of
conflicts being the underlying factor behind the success of the
Because of the success that the Full House T teams in
Michigan high school football have enjoyed for more than a
decade now, many coaches do not understand the true nature
of the Wing-t. I think Coach Raymond’s words define the St.
Philip offensive philosophy to a “T”.
The St. Philip offense is a simple, logical, and multiple
offensive system. The multiplicity of this offense allows us to
be as wide open or as conservative as our talent demands.
Blocking rules and schemes are easy for players to learn and
can be installed in a short period of time. The offense is
extremely flexible and presents many conflicts to the defense
that is preparing to play against it. Formation and sequential
play multiplicity combined with conflicting defensive reads and
keys make it tough to gang up on any one player, play or
series within the offense. Multiple and flexible formations give
us the ability to create desired match-ups and overloads.
Our running game constantly threatens our opponent’s
weaknesses with speed, power, and finesse. The bases of
our attack is the Jet and Rocket sweep series. We are able to
get to the point of attack quicker than the defense with
maximum force and slow pursuit with the finesse created by
great faking and conflicting read keys. Jet and Rocket motion
not only enhances the speed of the ball carrier on sweeps but
influences defensive pursuit and reaction time. This speed
attack allows us to stretch the defense horizontally and opens
up our inside running game. Strength of formation can be
changed with these speed motions and counters and playaction passing are enhanced dramatically. The IMPORTANT
thing to remember is that Jet and Rocket, when treated as a
motion and not a play can be combined with most Wing-t
principles and staples.
Our passing game allows us to neutralize our opponent’s
physical advantages. Our passing game is primarily one of
play-action that is designed to take advantage of the defense’s
schemes to stop our run game. Our passing game is also
considered a first strike and has a big play capability for us. It
is a serious threat to the defensive team that wants to involve
its secondary in run support. Therefore significant time will be
spent practicing the individual and team skills and