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download ordering from the cosmic kitchen pdf

Imagine that the Universe is like a cosmic kitchen with an
infinite menu –just waiting to take & fulfill your orders. –
v In this course, we are going to learn how to create what we
want in life by using powerful affirmations and visualizations.
v We will use the image of the Universe as a Cosmic Kitchen,
where you can place any order you want.
v The Cosmic Chef prepares the order at the right time and it’s
delivered to you.
v We’re going to learn the principles for placing your orders, how
to clear the past, and how to use the Law of Attraction.
Learn how to use Law of attraction to create what you
want in your life
★ Discover the 8 principles for creating your orders.
★ Learn why the kitchen sometimes gives you lemons and
what to do when that happens
★ Discover how affirmations plus feelings are the most
powerful combination in achieving your dreams
Based on Dr Patricia Cranes Book of the same name
Full day workshop
4 week study group - Live Online £75.00

Prosperity & Abundance
In this exciting workshop, you will:
Discover the meaning of true wealth
Identify blocks to receiving your good
Release old limiting beliefs
Design your new abundant life with affirmations
v Create a Treasure Map to your heart’s desires
You will embark on a journey of awareness and commitment to
increase your prosperity consciousness!
As you follow complete the exercises in this course, you will
discover the beliefs and patterns that have been limiting you in
achieving financial health, and how to change those beliefs and
thus change the outer manifestation.
Change occurs by developing awareness, which leads to insight,
which leads to the potential for change.
All significant changes take patience and commitment in
practicing new principles and learning new skills. Be
encouraging and supportive of yourself as you work through the

“A change in the consciousness of one person changes the
consciousness of everyone, so be aware that you are helping
everyone on the planet expand their prosperity consciousness as
you participate in this course.”
This course can be undertaken as a 2 day workshop
Or a 6 week study course (comes complete with growth
2 day workshop
£ 95.00
6 week study course £120.00

Learn how to use the power of your subconscious mind to
master the energy of money.
★ Discover the root cause of your money challenges
★ Understand how your subconscious works
★ Release old limiting beliefs
★ Design your new abundant life with affirmations
★ Learn how to use visualization and the law of attraction to
create what you want
o If we believe that we only deserve lack and limitation, or that
there is never enough for all that is what we experience.
o If we believe we deserve the best and that there is enough for
everyone, we will experience abundance.
Investment: £50.00 (full day)

Say YES! to your Dreams
Everyone has goals and dreams they want to achieve. Some
seem easy to attain, while others are elusive.
If there is some area of your life where you desire a
breakthrough, we invite you to this powerful workshop.
In this workshop, you will learn:
►How the unconscious mind can sabotage your dreams
►Methods to understand your unconscious more fully
►The mental, emotional, and spiritual skills you need to
achieve your dreams
►How “doing less” may actually “accomplish more”
►Why affirmations don’t always seem to work
►How to create affirmations that do work
►How to create a powerful visualization for your blueprint for
Investment: £120.00 (2 days)

Vision Board & Creating
Powerful Prescriptive
There are certain times of the year that we tend to be quite
reflective about our lives and start to evaluate what do and do
not want in our lives and what we want to change…
This workshop will help you achieve this: