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Institute of Engineering
Technology of Ontario
OACETT Professional Practice Examination now written
online with multiple choice questions
In keeping with our goals to constantly improve service and provide more online facilities
for our members, the Institute of Engineering Technology of Ontario, IETO is pleased to
announce three exciting changes to the Professional Practice Exam (PPE).
1. The PPE has been reformatted to be an online multiple choice exam consisting of multiple choice questions. It will continue to have three sections: Law, Ethics and Practice.
Each section will consist of both general multiple choice questions and multiple choice questions based on case studies. The exam still requires an invigilator and candidates will continue to write at centres across the province. We have also expanded the number of centres to better accommodate our members.
A major benefit to the new format is the faster scoring that becomes available. Initially
we will cut our results time in half from eight weeks to four weeks with our goal for results
to be down to two weeks by the end of the year. This means that if you only require the
professional practice examination to be certified, you can be certified faster.
Other advantages to online exams are the validity testing we can do to ensure the questions continue to be fair and that they correlate to the subject area. Our expectations
were met and the pass rate of the multiple choice format remains the same.
2. In February 2008, IETO changed the policy regarding PPE rewrites. Now you only
have to rewrite the section or sections that you previously failed. If you are rewriting a
section(s) of the exam, you will only be provided with the section(s) that you need to write.
Previously, in order to achieve an overall mark of “Satisfactory” on the exam, you needed
to have a passing grade on all three sections in one sitting and you had to rewrite the
whole exam if this was not achieved.
3. Another exciting change that will assist you is online registration for the PPE. Simply
click on https://www.captus.com/secure/oacett/Register.aspx and you will be taken to
the page where you can register and pay for the exam. If you are rewriting, you will
also need to indicate which section(s) you need to rewrite. The study materials will be sent
to you and you will receive an email when the materials have been shipped.
We are very proud to announce these steps forward with technology in offering our Professional Practice Exam.