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Words from the Wise:
2016 ‘High Yield’ Rotation Resources (for SHELF & 2CK prep)
Respondents were asked …
If you could use only one ('essential') resource to prepare for the SHELF exam of a rotation discipline,
what would it be? … include as well any suggestions, recommendations or strategies.
The following are responses to this survey – we hope you find input from you classmates to be helpful.
Med I

MKSAP (x 15)
UWorld Qbank (x 15
UWorld + Step Up to Medicine were more than enough for honors.
"UWorld for Step 2CK Internal Medicine questions (probably the only thing you need)
Step Up To Medicine (if you can handle that many bullet point)
Up to Date articles for your patient
- MKSAP book
- INternal medicine questions from UWorld step 2 ck qbank"
QBank only
MKSAP + UWorld. Just do as many questions as you can.
U world, mksap
UWorld Question Bank -- Internal Medicine Section. Perform 20 questions or so throughout the day
and another 20 during off-time as there are a >1000 Questions to cover. Start early in the rotation,
do not wait until you "feel more comfortable" or procrastinate with them as repetition is probably
most important for the shelf. A pace of 40 questions a day might be hard at first, but the pace
becomes comfortable and you will thank yourself towards the end.
1. UWorld is a must (5/5).
2. OnlineMedEd.org lectures were great (4/5).
3. UTSW Ramahi lecture was great (4/5).
Overall: I was definitely prepared for this shelf."
MKSAP question book and the EKG material from the HD cardio course during second year
Uworld is ALL you need, especially if you have difficulty sitting down and reading through hundreds
of pages of bullet points. If you've been working hard, you won't have time to do much else
Uworld questions, Step Up to Medicine, OnlineMedEd.org videos
"First aid for step 2 ck
Pocket medicine - good for rotations, too specific for shelf
Step up to medicine or uworld qbank - do one of them
Step Up to Medicine + UWorld Question Bank. MKSAP was okay.
World IM questions
"UWorld for CK - only resource used, do ALL the IM questions

HCMC (or any site's) morning reports and lectures were actually quite valuable
Read about your patients' diseases in UpToDate or something similar as they come up"
I used MKSAP as my primary resource and used Step Up to Medicine as my reference. I did quite a