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Samsung ME95C Large Format Displays
Versatile LFDs with capabilities to support productive business scenarios
Traditional projectors typically provide poor image quality,
annoying shadows and blinding dazzle. They also emit
heat, dust and noise, which distract viewer attention. In
addition, projectors are expensive to operate and maintain,
consuming energy and causing downtime when costly bulbs
need replacement.

Increase productivity with visual solutions such as
sharper, brighter images without shadows and no
dazzling or focusing issues with 120 Hz refresh rate
Enhance customer experience and save energy with
innovative technology featuring the world’s largest 95inch edge LED LFD with super-narrow bezel, slim depth
and energy-efficient design
Enhance visual attractiveness with symmetric slim bezel
design and detachable LED Logo unit
Simplify management with Samsung MagicInfo™ S
software embedded solutions and a Plug-in Module
Operate displays remotely using RJ45 and RS-232
wired connections, as well as using WiFi and WiDi standards wirelessly
Link multiple displays with Display Port (DP) 1.2 loop
Diversify video sources displayed on the same display
up to 3 independent sources from large variety of input
Once strictly limited to signage, large format displays (LFDs)
are now used in place of projectors in a variety of business
applications. With innovative advances in picture quality and
energy efficiency, LFDs are a better, clearer and more costeffective alternative to projectors.
Samsung ME95C LED LFD offer a smarter solution to lamplit projectors with enhanced picture quality, lower power
consumption and added versatility. Backlight dimming for
broader contrast, a 120 Hz refresh rate for sharper and
smoother pictures deliver an enhanced viewing experience.
In addition, a built-in media player and energy-efficient LED
technology help reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO).
Display sharper images without viewer
distractions with Samsung backlit LED LFD
Improve image quality and functionality with
an energy-efficient LFD
LFDs were originally used strictly for signage. Now their use
has expanded into unified productivity devices in the business
environment, substituting for traditional projectors in meeting
rooms and classrooms. Corporate executives also find useful
as business intelligence dashboards.
MagicInfo™ S software and optional
PIM provide management flexibility.
View ultra-clear pictures without distractions
When multiple ME95C displays are combined to create
one video wall, the large display area and the symmetric
super narrow bezel design provide near-seamless video
wall experience. Businesses can plan and deploy largescale video walls with less display units and less bezels,
significantly reducing distraction.
Samsung ME95C LED LFD deliver high-quality images
without the distortion, blur or glare inherent in traditional
projectors, providing productive, distraction-free
presentations. An ultra-clear panel, backlight dimming and
a 120 Hz refresh rate help enhance image detail and
readability, providing a better viewing experience.
Project large-scale images and consume less
energy with edge-type LED technology
Samsung ME95C LED LFD provides largest viewing area
and is more energy efficient than cold cathode fluorescent
light (CCFL) displays. The 95-inch models produce
considerably less heat, provide near-silent operation and
require less energy to operate compared with traditional
Streamline management with Samsung
embedded solutions
Samsung ME95C LED LFDs are designed to help simplify
management as well as offer customizing options with
embedded solutions for today’s sophisticated video demands.
Figure 1. ME95C can replace conventional projector in meeting room
Eliminate the need for a PC media player with Samsung
MagicInfo™ S software
Enhance visual attractiveness with slim profile
and symmetric bezel design
Samsung MagicInfo™ S digital signage software is standard
with ME95C LED displays. This all-in-one display solution
includes an internal media player, eliminating the need for
an external PC. Designed with an intuitive user interface
(UI) for ease of use, administrators can manage, organize
and schedule content on multiple displays through a webbased interface. The MagicInfo™ S software connects to the
MagicInfo™ Premium Server to control display functions
without a Multi-Display Control (MDC) program. Content can
be automatically played through the LFD’s internal memory
or with a USB thumb drive Plug-and-Play (PNP) feature.
ME95C has slim profile at mere 45.8 mm (1.80 in.) despite