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download icdl windows 7 office 2010 pdf

Technical Information for taking ICDL tests with the test
software Sophia


The test software is a Windows Application: Sophia.exe (ca. 15 MB)
Save the programme locally; either on the PC the test will be taken on, or on a USB
stick. Start by double clicking the .exe file
The test system will create a folder called \Sophia_Logs in the folder the .exe file was
originally saved to. This folder always contains two files per test
o A local back up file of the exam results called: Date_Module_ICDLIDNo.tsi
o A log file of the test called: Date_Module_ICDLIDNo.log
The test software creates a new drive called P: for the work files. In case P: is already
in use, a drive Q: or R: (etc.) will be created.
Automatic update:
The test software checks the server on start up to see if a newer version is available. If
so, it will update itself. A connection to the internet, protocol http, and Port 80 are
required. In case Sophia cannot update, the exam will be carried out with the currently
installed version.
Proxy server:
If you are using a proxy server, you must enter the IP address and port in Sophia at
step 1 under “settings”.
User settings
No administrator rights are necessary for ICDL tests, they can be run with very limited
rights. However, the test software Sophia does need write access for the folder it was
installed in (for setting up work files, updates).
Client Requirements
Microsoft .NET Framework (Version 2.0, 3.0 or 3.5)
If an error message appears when opening the test software that the application could
not be initialized properly, Microsoft .NET Framework has probably not been installed.
NB: In Windows 8 you need to activate the .NET Framework 3.5
(Control Panel / Programs / Programs and Features / Turn Windows features on or
Version September 2017

Sophia.exe requires write access for creating new files in the folder it was installed in.
The following versions are supported:
Operating System
Office Suite
Windows Vista
MS Office 2007
Windows 7
MS Office 2010
Windows 8
MS Office 2013
Windows 10
MS Office 2016
The individual elements can be combined freely: every operating system can be used
in combination with any Office suite and in combination with any current browser
(Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox).

Office suite:
Only one version of MS Office should be installed on the PCs being used for testing
(e.g. 2007 or 2010).
Parallel installations are not supported and can cause problems during the test.
Possible solution via virtualization.

MS Outlook – multiple email accounts/ multiple data files:
If multiple email accounts have been set up: In the module Online Essentials the test
software always uses the default account.
If multiple data files are available: The default data file must be the one assigned to the
default e-mail account.

Internet connection
If you are using a proxy server, you must enter the IP address and port in Sophia at
step 1 under “settings”.

Printer: a user defined printer must be physically installed. The print command is
suppressed by the test software. Printing only occurs in exceptional cases.

Outlook Express or Webmail cannot be used.

For passing the module Online Essentials IMAP Outlook accounts cannot be used.

MS Word must be set up in Windows Explorer as the standard programme for opening
*.docx type files.
Contact and support
[email protected]
Version September 2017