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The Theme of Creation and Its Purpose
Second Edition (1973), third printing (1997)
Meher Baba
An Avatar Meher Baba Trust eBook
June 2011
Copyright © 1955, 1973 by Sufism Reoriented, Inc.
Short publication history: God Speaks was first published by DoddMead (New York) in 1955. Its revised and enlarged second edition was
published by Sufism Reoriented (Walnut Creek, CA) in 1973. The third
printing of this second edition, though it did not in any way revise the
text, changed the pagination. This third printing of the second edition
was republished in its first Indian edition by Meher Mownavani
Publications (Hyderabad, India) in 2001. This online release, provided
by the current publisher and copyright holder, is a digital facsimile of the
1997 third printing of the second edition.
at the Avatar Meher Baba Trust Web Site
The Avatar Meher Baba Trust’s eBooks aspire to be textually exact though nonfacsimile reproductions of published books, journals and articles. With the consent
of the copyright holders, these online editions are being made available through
the Avatar Meher Baba Trust’s web site, for the research needs of Meher Baba’s
lovers and the general public around the world.
Again, the eBooks reproduce the text, though not the exact visual likeness, of the
original publications. They have been created through a process of scanning the
original pages, running these scans through optical character recognition (OCR)
software, reflowing the new text, and proofreading it. Except in rare cases where
we specify otherwise, the texts that you will find here correspond, page for page,
with those of the original publications: in other words, page citations reliably
correspond to those of the source books. But in other respects—such as lineation
and font—the page designs differ. Our purpose is to provide digital texts that are
more readily downloadable and searchable than photo facsimile images of the
originals would have been. Moreover, they are often much more readable,
especially in the case of older books, whose discoloration and deteriorated
condition often makes them partly illegible. Since all this work of scanning and
reflowing and proofreading has been accomplished by a team of volunteers, it is
always possible that errors have crept into these online editions. If you find any of
these, please let us know, by emailing us at [email protected]
The aim of the Trust’s online library is to reproduce the original texts faithfully. In
certain cases, however—and this applies especially to some of the older books
that were never republished in updated versions—we have corrected certain small
errors of a typographic order. When this has been done, all of these corrections are
listed in the “Register of Editorial Alterations” that appears at the end of the
digital book. If you want the original text in its exact original form, warts and all,
you can reconstruct this with the aid of the “register.”
The Trust’s Online Library remains very much a work in progress. With your help
and input, it will increase in scope and improve in elegance and accuracy as the
years go by. In the meantime, we hope it will serve the needs of those seeking to
deepen and broaden their own familiarity with Avatar Meher Baba’s life and
message and to disseminate this good news throughout the world.
The Theme of Creation and Its Purpose
By Meher Baba
Second Edition,
Revised and Enlarged
Copyright © 1955, 1973 by Sufism Reoriented, Inc.
All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted,
in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical,
photocopying, recording, or otherwise, without the
prior written permission of the copyright owner.
Second Printing 1967
Third Printing 1968
Fourth Printing 1970
Second Edition 1973
Second Printing 1975
Third Printing 1997
Library of Congress Catalog Card Number: 72-13984
ISBN 0-915828-02-2
Printed in the United States of America
Dharma Enterprises, Oakland, California
Sufism Reoriented
1300 Boulevard Way
Walnut Creek, CA 94595
To the Universe —
the Illusion that sustains Reality
Chart I
Planes and Worlds
Chart II
Original Whim
Chart III
Real Awakening
Chart IV
Evolution and Involution
Chart V
The Journey
Chart VI
The Four Journeys