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DYMO LetraTag 100-H
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Space Bar
Figure 1
About Your New Labelmaker
With your new DYMO LetraTag™ labelmaker, you can create a wide
variety of high-quality, self-adhesive labels. You can choose to print
your labels in many different sizes and styles. The labelmaker uses
DYMO LetraTag (LT) 12 mm label cassettes. LT cassettes are available in
multiple colors of plastic tape and in white iron-on tape.
Visit www.dymo.com for information on obtaining labels and
accessories for your labelmaker.
Warranty Registration
Please complete the warranty registration card and return it to the
appropriate Customer Support address within seven days. Visit
www.dymo.com/registration for details or to register online.
Getting Started
Follow the instructions in this section to print your first label.
Connecting the Power
The labelmaker is powered by standard batteries. To save power, the
labelmaker will automatically turn off after two minutes of inactivity.
Inserting the Batteries
The labelmaker uses four high-capacity AA alkaline batteries.
To insert the batteries
1. Remove the battery compartment
cover. See Figure 2.
2. Insert the batteries following the
polarity markings (+ and –).
3. Replace the cover.
Remove the batteries if the labelmaker
will not be used for a long period of time.
Figure 2
Inserting the Label Cassette
Your labelmaker comes with one label cassette. Visit
www.dymo.com for information about purchasing additional label
To insert the label cassette
1. Press and release the label cassette
cover to open the label
compartment. See Figure 3.
Figure 3
2. Insert the cassette with the label
positioned between the print head
and pinch roller. See Figure 4.
3. Press firmly until cassette clicks
into place.
4. Close the label cassette cover and
to turn on the power.
Figure 4
Selecting a Language
The first time you turn on the power, you are asked to select your
desired language. By default, the language is set to English. The
language option you choose determines the character set and date
format that are available.
To select a language
1. Press
2. Use the up or down arrow keys to select Language and press
3. Use the up or down arrow keys to select the language you want and
Setting the Date and Time
You need to set the current date and time so that the date is correct if
you choose to automatically insert a date on your label.
The default date and time format depends upon the language you
select for the labelmaker. US English uses the date format MMM DD, YY
and the 12-hour time format; all other languages use the date format
DD MMM YY and the 24-hour time format.
To set the date and time
1. Press
2. Use the up or down arrow keys to select Set Date, and press
The default date is displayed.
3. Use the left or right arrow key to move the cursor over each setting
(month, day, and year) and use the up or down arrow keys to
increase or decrease the value.
4. When finished, press