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Using Web Services for scanning on your network (Windows
Vista® SP2 or greater, Windows® 7 and Windows® 8)
The Web Services protocol allows Windows Vista® (SP2 or greater), Windows® 7 and Windows® 8 users to
install the scanner driver via Web Services.
• For network scanning, a maximum of 20 clients can be connected to one machine on the network. For
example, if 30 clients try to connect at a time, 10 of those clients will not be shown on the LCD.
• 20 clients can be added to the list shown on the LCD. If 20 clients are already shown in the list, you can
add additional clients by first uninstalling Web Services from one or more of the clients shown on the LCD,
installing Web Services on the computer corresponding to the client that you want to add, and then turning
the Brother machine off and then on.
• If your computer is protected by a firewall and is unable to network scan, you may need to configure the
firewall settings.
• You can scan multiple documents from the ADF (automatic document feeder). When using the ADF, you
should choose Feeder (Scan one side) from the Source drop-down list in the Scan dialog box.
Installing drivers
You must configure the IP address on your machine before you configure this setting.
(Windows Vista®)
> Network.
(Windows® 7)
> Control Panel > Network and Internet > View network computers and devices.
(Windows® 8)
Move your mouse to the lower right corner of your desktop. When the menu bar appears, click Settings,
click Change PC settings, and then click Devices.
(Windows Vista® and Windows® 7)
The machine’s Web Services Name will be shown with the printer icon. Right-click the machine you want
to install.
(Windows® 8)
Click Add a device. The machine’s Web Service Name appears.
• The Web Services Name for the Brother machine is your model name and the MAC Address (Ethernet
Address) of your machine (e.g. Brother MFC-XXXX (model name) [XXXXXXXXXXXX] (MAC Address /
Ethernet Address).
Version 0
• (Windows® 8)
Move your mouse over the machine name to display the machine’s information.
(Windows Vista® and Windows® 7)
In the machine’s drop-down menu, select Install.
(Windows® 8)
Click the machine you want to install.
If the User Account Control screen appears, click Continue.
Using Web Services for scanning on your network from a computer
Scanning using the Web Services protocol is also available from your computer. You can use Windows®
Photo Gallery and Windows® Fax and Scan.
• If the LCD shows Out of Memory, decrease the Paper size setting or the Resolution (DPI) setting.
• Certain characters in the messages displayed on the LCD may be replaced with spaces when the
language settings of your OS and your Brother machine are different.
If you want to scan and then crop a portion of a page after pre-scanning the document, you must use the
scanner glass (see Pre-Scanning and cropping a portion of the image using the scanner glass on page 3).
Load your document.
Open your software application to scan the document.
Do one of the following:
 (Windows® Photo Gallery)
On the File menu, click Import from Camera or Scanner or Import photos and videos.
 (Windows® Fax and Scan)
On the File menu, click New, and then click Scan.
Select the scanner you want to use.
Click Import or OK.
The Scan dialog box appears.
Adjust the following settings, if needed.
Make sure the scanner selected in Scanner is a Brother machine that supports Web Services for
 Profile (1)
 Source (2)
 Paper size (3)
 Color format (4)
 File type (5)
 Resolution (DPI) (6)
 Brightness (7)
 Contrast (8)
Click Scan.
The machine starts scanning the document.
Pre-Scanning and cropping a portion of the image using the scanner glass
The Preview button is used to preview an image for cropping any unwanted portions from the image. When