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Ultrasonic Inspection
Systems for
Plates and Strips
A S –2 0 0 P S E R I E S P L A T E I N S P E C T O R
High-speed, inspection machines for detection,
evaluation and documenting of flaws in plates
and strips
A S –2 0 0 P S E R I E S P L A T E I N S P E C T O R
Introducing the AS-200p
The AS-200p Series Plate Inspector are high-speed on-line or off-line ultrasonic inspection systems for plates
and strips which are used in pipe and plate mils.
Inspected parts
Continuous strips, cut or uncut, side-trimmed or untrimmed plates as specified by customer.
Inspection technique
Contact inspection with water coupling.
Gantry-supported multi-transducer scanners for full body inspection. Oscillating or fixed type inspection scanner
mechanisms are available.
Dedicated scanners for inspection of the longitudinal as well as head and tail edges with mechanical edgefollowing mechanism.
Transducers are aligned and fixed in dual gimbals probe holders with built-in water dispensing and gap keeping
system maintaining a thin film of coupling water between the probe and part. A normalizing & regulation fixture
maintains the perpendicularity of the calibrated probe.
100% of plate body or as otherwise specified, up to 100mm (4 inch) of side edges and up to 200mm (8 inch) of
the plates head and tail.
Automation and outputs
The systems are interfaced to automation and PLC systems for synchronization with part motion and production
line inputs. The control system can be based on a selection of high level PLC such as Siemens S7-200,
Siemens S7-300, Allen Bradley and Keyence using industrial protocols such as Profibus, and MPI.
An HMI can may be defined and tailored for automation interface, full diagnostics and manual operation features
on the basis of touch screen panels, or LED indicators and manual activation switches.
Outputs, such as paint-guns and alarms are activated according to inspection events evaluated results defined by
the operator.
Multi-element paintbrush transducers are available in a variety of crystal sizes, frequencies, and focal depths. The
selection can be made according to the inspected part geometry, required flaw-detection sensitivity, inspection
resolution and budget.
Thickness measurement
Thickness measurement of the plate in real-time for monitoring of deviation from the nominal value specified by
the operator.
USC-100 ultrasonic
Multi-channel usc-100 rack-mount ultrasonic instrument with a RPP programmable square wave pulser &
preamplifier for each channel. One to four operator-selected hardware gates per channel, with one or two alarm
threshold levels per gate.
AS-200 application
The AS-200 software application software for on-line flaw detection, display, analysis and evaluation is the users
interface to making programs, running scans and evaluating results.
Results are displayed online in A-, B-scan and C-scan representations and then a report is generated with the
defect list and C-Scan image. Dedicated tools are provided for automatic and operator conducted analisys.
Complete MMI operator workstation including ultrasonic inspection results display, machine automation,
operation interface and diagnostics.
Results evaluation according to the acceptance levels defined by applicable international standards (such as
ASTM-A578, ASTM-A435, BS-EN-10160 and others).
A test report documenting inspection and analysis results can be automatically produced at the end of each
inspection sequence, listing detecting channel, gate and threshold level, position, signal amplitude and size for
each detected flaw. The reports may be tailored to customer’s specification and formats.
Remote communication
Remote communication through LAN for remote support through standard applications such as PC anywhere
and others.
A S –2 0 0 P S E R I E S P L A T E I N S P E C T O R
Continuous strip rolls, or plates at any length and width. Thickness greater than 4mm (1/4 inch).
Up to 1000mm/sec (40.0 inch/sec).
Frequency range from 2 to 5 MHz, element width up to 52mm (2inch) focal. Sensitivity possible
up to 3mm FBH at depth of 2mm from the surface.
AS-200 inspection software
Thickness measurement
Report documentation
C-Scan display and analysis – composite C-scan from the multi-probe scanner
including defect measurement and statistical evaluation tools
Search and Identify – result analysis according to ASTM A578, ASTM A435, BSEN10160, SEL072, BS5996 and other standards.
Digital triggering of physical outputs – activation of physical outputs according to
result analysis, or on any indication
Online Gate adjustment – adjustment of the gating scheme at the beginning of scan
according to plate thickness allowing consecutive scans of different thickness parts.
ERP communication – Interface to the plant ERP system for collection of data before
the scan and return of the results to the plant HUB, including periodical and
concentrated reports.
Installation under Windows XP / Windows 2000
Based on single element transducers and measurement by peaks of backwall echoes.
Automatic report generation after with list of indications specifying the position, size and
amplitude of each indication as well as the final result after "Search and Identify"